April Comics

Introducing a new category! Each month will have at least four comic strips made especially by me. These are also up on my Instagram account @lapapelmina_sadain Thanks for checking it out and hope that you enjoy!

1 Filipino Neighbor

20 April 2018
The other day when I discovered that my neighbors are Filipinos too so I rushed to open the door to greet them. Needless to say, I freaked them out. *facepalm*

Box 3

Box 1

2 Rocking the bed

25 April 2018
My husband hates it when I’m reading jokes on my phone while he sleeps. I tend to rock the whole bed when I giggle. he he he

EP 2 Box 1EP 2 Box 2Ep 2 Box 3Ep 2 Box 4EP 2 Box 5Ep 2 Box 6

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